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It's our business to make your
small business 
easier using AI tools



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What We Want

We think everyone has a unique perspective and set of skills that can be used to make a positive impact on the world. HumanTouchAI is committed to helping people share those qualities by using AI to fast-track them.


We believe that AI should be for all people and not just a privileged few so that all of mankind can be uplifted. We strive to create a balance between ethical AI and human interaction and never forget our humanness.


Our mission is to help our clients enter into the AI space to improve their business operations or social media footprint. We work at a pace that suits our clients.  We aim to give people more time to do the things they love by automating the drudgery. We want to foster the human connection by aiding the growth of impactful communities as they use technology to increase their reach.

What We Are and Are Not

About HumanTouchAI

We are not experts. We are business people that were introduced to AI when ChatGPT launched recently. This makes us newcomers in the industry. We recognize that AI has been around for 80-some years and that huge platforms have been built using AI for large corporates and governments. We do not play in that space; we partner with people who do. We are a "by the people, for the people" agency aimed at beginners to conversational AI.  We are working on tools that the general public can use to start or promote their businesses.


"The only way to make sense out of change, is to plunge into it, move it with, and join the dance"

Alan Watts


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