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Notice of Intellectual Property Rights, Restrictions on Use of Images, Voices, and Bodies of HumanTouch AI's Staff, Employees, and Associates in Deepfake Technology and AI, and Commitment to Legal Compliance and Privacy under International Law

All content featured on this website, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, images, audio clips, video clips, and data compilations, is the exclusive property of HumanTouch and is safeguarded by both South African and international copyright laws. Unauthorized use or exploitation of any content on this website is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of HumanTouch AI.

At HumanTouch AI, we are committed to upholding legal standards and ensuring the privacy and security of our customers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, both locally and internationally. We strictly adhere to all relevant laws, including the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in South Africa, as well as any applicable international regulations, while respecting our clients’ rights. As such, we do not engage in the unauthorized use of faces, bodies, or voices of our customers or any other individuals, including our staff, employees, or associates. Our clients’ privacy is of paramount importance, and we will never use someone's likeness without their explicit consent, for example, using Deep Fakes.

By accessing this website, you acknowledge and agree that HumanTouch AI and its affiliates retain complete ownership, rights, and interests in and to the images, voices, and bodies of HumanTouch AI's staff, employees, and associates as captured in any media or format. You further agree not to employ any AI tools or techniques to reproduce, replicate, or generate a digital rendition of any images, voices, or bodies of HumanTouch AI's staff, employees, or associates without obtaining prior written consent from the company, ie: Deep Fakes and related technologies.

You expressly agree to refrain from using any images, voices, or bodies of HumanTouch AI's staff, employees, or associates for any commercial or promotional purposes, which include but are not limited to advertising, endorsements, or trade activities, without obtaining the prior written consent of HumanTouch AI.

You acknowledge and agree that any unauthorized use of images, voices, or bodies of HumanTouch AI's staff, employees, or associates may lead to legal proceedings against you under South African and international law.

Effective Date : 18 April 2023

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