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Mind Your AI Manners - What Are You Teaching "The Machine"?

As ChatGPT and its friends take over the world, please remember that the machines are busy learning from us. How are you "speaking" to them?

It seems to me that if we are all contributing to this technology, we can all have a say in how it turns out. We can help turn these machines into something that serve us, or we end up serving them.

So say good morning and hello. Say thank you. Say please. If AI is in effect all the knowledge of all us, we are actually talking to ourselves. Be kind to yourself. Teach it to be kind and courteous. I know it can be hard when it is giving you endless hallucinations and dirty data; you can actually lose your cool, but don't end up swearing at it. Would you speak to someone in your office like that? Of course not.

No-one on earth knows how this is going to end. We are all just a bunch of lab rats right now. So until we do have a better idea, let's help teach these machines to take proper care of us and not destroy us. Every single one of us needs to make a decision about what we are going to use this technology for and how we will teach it. We collectively have the power to make AI the thing that truly frees mankind from the grip of the evil ones that have kept us in a debt slave system for eons.

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