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The BIGGEST Mistake ALL the Tech Companies Made

Updated: Apr 27

There is a thought-provoking interview on YouTube with Greg Brockman, one of the OpenAI founders responsible for ChatGPT. He was talking about how they got to this point and how they are determined to make AI to benefit of all humanity.

Laurie Segall was doing a Q&A near the end of the interview and one of the questions was "what did they do wrong" (around the 44:30 mark) - referring to tech companies. Greg said that there was not consensus on what they got wrong and what they could learn. Laurie responded by saying she felt their biggest mistake was "not understanding humans".


They understand humans very well.

They know exactly how to manipulate us into social media addicts, effectively destroying the very fabric of a well-balanced society and creating a global epidemic of mental health issues.

They know exactly how to run social experiments on us to change our moods, (look up Facebook's Emotional Contagion Study).

They know exactly how to lure us in with shiny new toys designed to separate us from our money via never-ending licensing fees.

They know exactly how to silence people by introducing "fact checking" to cover their nefarious agendas, and run smear campaigns to discredit anyone challenging those agendas.

They know exactly how to extract all our personal information from us to sell it for enormous profit.

They know exactly how to build social credit systems that strip humans of their fundamental rights to freedom of movement and use terror campaigns to pressure us into giving up our rights.

No fellow humans, they do understand us, all too well.

They just don't care about us!

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